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American Studies

A guide to completing research on the interdisciplinary study of the culture, history, and society of the United States, including folk and popular culture, history, politics, society and ethnography, regional and urban studies, and public heritage.

Welcome to the American Studies Research Guide

American Studies is an academic field that integrates perspectives on United States history, culture, and society, and has its own theories, methods, as well as applications.  Research in American Studies emphasizes cultural and historical inquiry and the application of American Studies to public policy and heritage that includes archives, communications, cultural agencies, education, governmental work, and museums.

This guide is intended to support American Studies at Penn State University, and especially, research as part of the American Studies Program in the School of Humanities at Penn State Harrisburg.  It is offered as a starting point for research in areas that focus on folk and popular culture, history and politics, society and ethnography; regional, urban, and environmental studies, public heritage, and museum studies.  It should be used in conjunction with other library research guides, which are listed below, such as African American History, Art History, Asian American Studies, Film-Video Studies, LGBT Studies, Music, Pennsylvania History, and other related topics.

Research Guides (Broad Topics in American Studies)

Additional Research Guides (Specific Topics in American Studies)