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Game Studies

Selected resources designed to assist in researching the interdisciplinary field of traditional, computer and video game studies.

Introduction to Game Studies

Penn State Behrend Gaming Lab


Game studies is the study of games, the act of playing them, and the players and cultures surrounding them. It is a discipline of cultural studies that deals with all types of games throughout history. This field of research utilizes the tactics of, at least, anthropology, sociology and psychology, while examining aspects of the design of the game, the players in the game, and finally, the role the game plays in its society or culture. Game studies is oftentimes confused with the study of video games, but this is only one area of focus; in reality game studies encompasses all types of gaming, including sports, board games, etc. (Wikipedia, 2017)


Game lab at Penn State Behrend


Penn State purchases a number of board games and video games for use by the campus community. These are available to the entire campus community. Simply search the title of the game in the search box on the Libraries' home page.  To see a more complete list, search the Penn State University Libraries home page following the instructions below.

Individual campus libraries may also have their own local collections that do not circulate beyond campus.

  • Penn State Behrend, Lilley Library
  • Penn State Harrisburg
  • Penn State University Park, Paterno Library