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American Studies

A guide to completing research on the interdisciplinary study of the culture, history, and society of the United States, including folk and popular culture, history, politics, society and ethnography, regional and urban studies, and public heritage.

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Library of Congress Classification (Topics in American Studies)

  • AM 10-100: Museums
  • BL 2500-2592: American Religion
  • E 11-143: American History: Native American and General U.S. History
  • F 1-975: American History: Regional and Local U.S. History (Pennsylvania is F146-160)
  • GR: Folklore (Folktales is GR 15-550)
  • GT: Manners and Customs: Costumes, Dress, Holidays, and Festivals
  • GV: Recreation: Sports, Games and Amusements, and Dancing
  • HQ: Family, Marriage, and Sexuality
  • M: Music
  • N-NA: Visual Culture/Fine Arts and Architecture
  • P 87-96: Communication and Mass Media
  • PN 1993-1999: Film and Film Studies
  • PR-PS: English and American Literature
  • TR: Photography
  • TR 845-899: Cinematography
  • TT: Handicrafts, Arts and Crafts, Fashion, Beauty Culture, and Sewing
  • TX: Home Economics: Cooking and Nutrition (American Cooking is TX 715)

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