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Heidi Abbey Moyer

Archivist and Humanities Reference Librarian
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Heidi Abbey Moyer
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Working Remotely During Fall 2020 - Email me or schedule an appointment via Zoom.
Hello! 안녕하세요. Bonjour! Ciao! Guten tag! Hola! Namaste! 你好 Salam wa aleikum! Shalom!

As the Archivist and Humanities Reference Librarian at the Penn State Harrisburg Library in Middletown, PA, I serve as the liaison librarian to the students, faculty, and staff in the School of Humanities. The main areas of study in the School of Humanities at Harrisburg include American Studies, Arts and Humanities, Communications, and English.

I love to conduct research too! My interests are diverse and interdisciplinary, such as advocacy and outreach for archives and special collections, art and museum librarianship, art history, digital curation and preservation, feminism, fertility and infertility, motherhood in popular culture, and women's studies.

Please contact me if I can assist you with navigating the vast print and online humanities resources at Penn State Harrisburg!

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