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AMST/ARTH 307N: American Art and Society (Dr. Alicia Bott)

This guide is for students in Penn State Harrisburg's AMST/ARTH 307N taught by Dr. Alicia Bott. It includes numerous research sources about American art history, including information about the J. Randall Plummer Photography Collection.

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Library of Congress Classification (American Art)

  • N: Visual Arts
  • N 400:  Art Museums, Galleries, Etc.
  • N 5312-5313.52: Folk Arts
  • N 6505 to 6538:  Art and Artists in the United States
  • N 7433.3:  Artists' Books
  • NA:  Architecture
  • NB:  Sculpture
  • NC:  Drawing, Design, and Illustration
  • ND:  Painting
  • NE:  Print Media
  • NK:  Decorative Arts
  • NX:  Arts in General
  • NX 502 to 512.3:  Arts in the United States
  • TR:  Photography
  • TR 660:  Landscape Photography
  • TR 680:  Portrait Photography