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Medievalism (Penn State Berks)

Welcome to the library guide for Medievalism students in ENGL 190Q and other medievalism classes at Penn State Berks!


Abyde!  (Middle English for "welcome"). 

This site features books, library databases, and credible web resources about Medievalism. 

Medievalism has been defined in various ways.  Medievalism is essentially the appropriation and adaptation of the Middle Ages across time.  Oxford English Dictionary defines it as "the adoption of, adherence to, or interest in medieval ideals, styles, or usages."

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A panoramic view of a medieval-style village surrounded by verdant country.


Best Bets

Eyewitness to Medieval History

Read true, firsthand accounts of Knights, Crusades, Vikings, Monasteries.  How do these compare with modern depictions?

The mid-section of a knight's suit of armor.  The knight is raising their hand

How to Jumpstart Your Search...

Try the Penn State Libraries' Credo Reference database--it covers many topics for medieval history buffs!

A picture of a medieval reenactment.  A man and a woman in medieval wardrobes.  The woman is crafting something.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Travel back to medieval times by reading these key primary sources.

A nightscape with a modern jeep in the forefront next to a road.  The silhouette of a flying dragon and a castle are in the background.

How to Make an Appointment at the Writing Center

Schedule an appointment with a tutor at the PSU Berks Writing Center for top-notch writing assistance.

Medieval Studies - Oxford Bibliographies

Need scholarly sources?  Check Oxford Bibliographies for the experts' top picks.

An outside view of the library at Oxford University

Game of Thrones Versus History

"Aside from the fantastical elements, Game of Thrones really does mirror historic events and bloody battles of medieval times—but how closely?"

A booked with a bloody sword on top.  Book is entitled

Studies in Medievalism

A "must see" resource for all Penn State medievalists!

A modern woman gazes at a medieval castle on a beach.  Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash