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Science Communication in Earth and Mineral Sciences

Guide to help identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use information to communicate science

Why Writing in Energy and Mineral Engineering Matters

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Engineers in energy fields, or those who support business decisions in energy finance, are at the nexus of multimillion dollar decisions. The ability to clearly communicate recommendations and ramifications to various internal and external groups - shareholders, government inspectors, management - is an essential skill.

Energy and Mineral Engineering Writing

This section has help for the types of writing assignments that you're likely to have as a student in energy and mineral engineering. It also includes style guides from key associations in your field. These style guides may help you become familiar with particular conventions of your discipline. 


Assignment types:

Style Guides:

Resources for Further Study

Library guides for energy engineering and for mining engineering  - these guides provide suggestions for the best resources to use to locate trustworthy information on your topic. 

These guides list the top places to search such as: