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MGMT 365: Social Entrepreneurship

Company Information: Moka Origins

Check out the Company Information research guide for more resources on researching Moka Origins and similar companies

Industry Information - Coffee & Chocolate Production Industries

Searching for Articles

To take a deeper look at the coffee and chocolate production industries, try searching for recent newspaper, magazine, industry/trade publication, and research articles in the databases below. Incorporate search terms related to Moka Origins and its products and business model. It may be helpful to sort the results by relevance rather than by date. Here are some recommended searches to get you started:

  • coffee production
  • chocolate production
  • coffee production AND "fair trade"
  • chocolate production AND ethical sourcing
  • coffee AND chocolate AND supply chain
  • coffee AND sustainability

Mix and match search terms or add your own to find articles on specific topics of interest. If you would like assistance developing searches, please reach out to me via email or make an appointment.

Market Research

Search tips:

  • Use search terms similar to those listed above, such as coffeechocolatefair trade, etc
  • Hover over Region to limit results to just the US or another region. Consider reading reports, observations, and insights that are focused on different geographic areas - even if something doesn't seem relevant based on geography, there may be interesting implications for your work
  • If a search result takes you to a specific section of a report - such as the result titled Coffee and RTD Coffee - US - 2021 - Ethical and Sustainable, consider looking through the rest of the report as well