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MGMT 365: Social Entrepreneurship

Company Information: Giv Local

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Industry Information - Payment Processing Industry

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Searching for Articles

To take a deeper look at the payment processing industry, try searching for recent newspaper, magazine, industry/trade publication, and research articles in the databases below. It may be helpful to sort the results by relevance rather than by date. Here are some recommended searches to get you started:

  • payment processing
  • merchant services AND payment
  • merchant services AND small business
  • payment processing AND small business
  • payment platform AND small business
  • payment process

Select Trade Journals

Trade journals are industry-focused publications written and published by experts in an industry. Taking a deeper look at their recent issues can uncover articles you may not have found otherwise; different search terms to incorporate in your searches; and information that may be related to the topic you're researching. Here are a couple trade publications that publish articles related to payment processing: