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MGMT 365: Social Entrepreneurship

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Country Context: Information on Peru

Industry Information

Some suggested searches:

  • artisan AND (crafts OR handicrafts)
  • "fair trade" AND (crafts OR handicrafts)
  • (crafts OR handicrafts) AND (ornaments OR baskets OR belts OR bags) - or edit this search with different types of products
  • "Ten Thousand Villages" or names of similar stores
  • ecommerce AND (crafts OR handicrafts) - or edit this search with other terms such as retail or wholesale
  • Try adding AND Peru to the end of any of the above searches


  • Add or remove search terms to narrow or broaden your search
  • Change how your results are sorted from Date Newest to Relevance
  • Use the Refine Results menu to limit your results by Publication DateSource Type, or another filter

Some suggested searches:

  • artisan
  • crafts
  • handicrafts
  • fair trade
  • ornamentsbasketsbeltsbags or other product types


  • Try looking at The Arts and Crafts Consumer - US - February 2020 as a report on an adjacent market. Look for reports on other markets that could inform your research
  • Search for Market to to find reports on consumer behavior and attitudes of specific groups such as parents, Millennials, middle Americans, and seniors
  • Hover over Region to limit results to just the US or another region