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Sheet Music (Scores and Performance Parts)

Penn State's libraries have large collections of sheet music (scores and performance parts). Use our library catalog to locate and borrow music scores and parts: 

  • Click on "Advanced Search" and enter relevant search terms (such as words from the title, or names of composers) in the search boxes at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to "AND have these attributes," and from the Format menu, select Musical Score.
  • Click the blue Search button.

From the Resulting list, click on "View Availability" to see which libraries have the music. To request music from any library, use the "I Want It" button and select your preferred pickup location from the menu. 

Music scores are shelved using the Library of Congress Classification. This web page from the Library of Congress explains how scores and parts are organized on the shelves -- click on subclass M to see details: Music Scores Shelf Arrangement

Online Scores