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Finding Business Articles

Types of Publications

The results you will find in both ABI/Inform and Business Source Premier will fall primarily into three categories:

ScholarlyArticles are written by experts in the field and typically undergo a peer-review process, where the article is evaluated by other experts for accuracy and reliability in its claims or findings. Scholarly journals are narrow in scope and focus on a specific field of study or expertise. They typically publish research articles and are written by and for experts. The articles use formal language and jargon; there are no ads or glossy pictures, and articles will have formal reference lists. 

Trade: Articles are written by experts in the field or journalists who specialize in reporting on that particular industry. Trade publications focus on providing news and updates for professionals in a specific field or industry. They often look more like a traditional magazine than a popular journal, but are tailored to a professional audience in a defined market segment. The articles will use professional jargon, but may be written in a less formal tone.

Popular: Articles are typically written by journalists for a general audience, seeking to inform a wide array of people about many different issues. Popular periodicals may have a specific focus on a topic or a certain group of people, but they do not use formal language and will typically avoid jargon -- unless they are specifically defining what such terms mean for their readers. Publications are supported by advertising and contain many ads.

How do I use these resources?

If you are writing a formal research paper, you will primarily want to use articles from scholarly journals to support your thesis. Journals, however, can take a while to publish articles on current or trending topics, due to the in-depth nature of research and the peer-review process. 

When writing an less formal paper on a new or emerging topic, you may need to rely on articles from trade or popular periodicals, which have a shorter publication timeline and a less-rigorous review process, allowing for more timely coverage of current events. 

NOTE: You can apply filters in both databases to include or exclude all three types of publications under "Source Type" in ABI/Inform and "Publication Type" in Business Source Premier.