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MGMT 301: Basic Management Concepts (Barr)

How to Format Your Paper

Advice on Few Tricky Sources (MLA, 8th Edition)

Annual Report/SEC Filing from a Database

Basic Format:
Title of 10-K or Annual Report. Publisher, Year of Publication. 

​Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Form 10-K for Fiscal Year Ended September 27, 2014. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., 2014. 

In-Text Citation: (Keurig Form 10-K 29).


SWOT Analysis from Business Source Premier

Basic Format:
"Title of Report." Title of Source. Publisher, Date of Publication. 

"Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. SWOT Analysis." Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Company Profile. MarketLine, 18 Jun. 2015. 

In-Text Citation: ("Keurig SWOT Analysis" 3).


Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) Encyclopedia Entries

Basic Format:
"Title of Report." Title of Source. Edition, Date of Publication. 

"Starbucks." Encyclopedia of Global Brands. 2nd ed., 2013, pp. 1008-11. 

In-Text Citation: ("Starbucks" 1010-11).


Adapted From Youngstown State University's Maag Library website.