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OSTP Mandate: Public Access Policies for Federally Funded Research

Quick guide to public access requirements from federal funding agencies.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

The policy issued by NIST is currently in effect:

  • Fully covers published outputs.
  • Partially covers data. Data which is not accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings are not covered.
  • Requires all research proposals to include a DMP.

NIST requires its funded researchers to:

  • Submit an electronic version of final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts or final publications to PMC through the NIST interface.
  • Enter metadata for publicly available datasets into the NIST's Enterprise Data Inventory (EDI).

‚ÄčSubmissions of NIST extramural journal articles to repository will be operational in October 2016. 

Allows inclusion of reasonable costs for data preservation and access in grant proposals or project plan budgets.