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ANTH 421: Intro to Geospatial Science in Anthropology and Archaeology

Topographic Maps


three maps of the State College PA area showing the topography

Topographic Maps Guide compiled by the Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and GIS 

Consult this comprehensive guide for Topographic Maps including US Geological Survey maps, library resources, and other resources.

Aeronautic and Navigation Charts

Nautical Charts
Penn State has a near complete collection of nautical charts.

Other Types of Maps

Aerial photographs

Use our guide on Aerial photographs.  

Satellite Images

Taken from satellites; resemble high-altitude aerial photographs
Keyword(s): remote sensing, satellite meteorology

Bathymetric maps

In the same way that topographic maps represent the three-dimensional features (or relief) of overland terrain, bathymetric maps illustrate the land that lies underwater.  Mostly coastal areas and very large lakes.  Few rivers are mapped.