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Maps & Geospatial: Project Planning

This guide provides general guidance on resources for planning a project with a geospatial component, which can apply to multiple disciplines. Specific disciplines may have additional subject-specific considerations.


This guide incorporates components of project management lifecycle to illustrate how it can be applied to the creation of map/geospatial components; and/or apply to the incorporation of a map image into a larger project. Main areas of project planning are presented with questions to consider related to each part, along with supporting resources both within the libraries’ collection and beyond. The map/geospatial component may become a sub-part of a larger project, where similar planning can take place to obtain desired outcomes. 

Tip: Familiarize self/group with maps on topic relevant to your topic

Tip: Familiarize self/group with components of a map

Map background including characteristics of maps, map type, map elements, map design, map use, and analysis from maps

Kimerling, A. J., Buckley, A., Muehrcke, P.,  & Muehrcke, J. (2009).Map use: Reading and analysis (6th ed.). Redlands, Calif: ESRI Press Academic.