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Maps & Geospatial: Newsmaps

During World War Two, "newsmaps" were used to provide information about the war and to sustain morale.


During World War II, several government entities (including the War Department) produced "Newsmaps" for the U.S. military and civilian populations. They were displayed on military bases and in public places to provide information about the war and to sustain morale.

Newsmaps, produced on a weekly basis, combined maps of combat areas, along with photographs highlighting the activities of the U.S. armed forces and its allies during that week. On the reverse of these newsmaps are usually a map of a country or theatre in which that week's fighting was chronicled, a patriotic illustration, or pictures illustrating the uniforms, weaponry, or branches of service of the Allies and the Axis. [description from the National Archives].

Penn State has a number of these maps, but not a complete collection.  To view them in person, please come to the Center.  Otherwise, you can view them here from the University of North Texas.

Our print collection can be found in our catalog and viewed in person at the Center.

Image of Newsmapimage of back of Newsmap poster showing how to not reveal location in letters home