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COMM 419: World Media Systems

Course Guide for COMM 419: World Media Systems

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Jeff Knapp, Larry and Ellen Foster Communications Librarian

or Your Campus Librarian

Media Imports, Exports, Audiences

You now know quite a bit about the media and press of the country you are studying. Now is the time to put this information all together, thinking about what you know about who owns the media, and what countries or other media most influence the readership and media audiences in your country.

To understand the influence of media and media audience in your country, it will require you to re-read and review many of the sources you have already used, with a particular eye to information about how media functions.

  • The Getting Started page sources provide an overview of the history and development of media within a country
  • The Culture & Philosophy page sources provide an overview of the freedom and availability of the media
  • The Regulation & Financing page sources provide an overview of the companies and industries which are making media and its infrastructure available in your country
Tip:  Search the databases under the Books and Journals page for sources that will allow you to provide specific details about any of the following:

media audience [add the country in this search e.g., media audience Brazil]
media ownership
media influence

Tip: Replace the word “media” with a specific media: Internet influence (newspaper or radio influence or television).


Additional Sources: