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Special Collections: State and Local History

Materials about state and local history found within the Special Collections Library.

Centre County

Special Collection materials on Centre County, Pennsylvania, include a wide variety of types of documentation that offer many perspectives on the history and culture of the region.

Drawn and engraved map of Centre County, Pennsylvania, with illustrations of landmarks the Farmers High School of Pennsylvania and the Centre County Courthouse. Township boundaries are shown, and topographic features indicated by hachures and shading. Maps of twenty-one County communities are set around the border.

Topographical map of Centre County, Pennsylvania, 1861. Special Collections Library, University Libraries, The Pennsylvania State University.

Personal and Family Papers

Collections of personal and family papers within Special Collections which relate to the history of Centre County, Pennsylvania, include:

Personal papers

Family papers

Government and Legal Records

Notable collections of Centre County government and court documents include:

Centre County land patents, indentures, and property deeds are cataloged individually and can be found with a simple keyword search for "Centre County land" in

Other Collections of Interest

Other collections of interest include ephemera on businesses and industries, maps, drawings of historic buildings, and digitized coies of the Penn State student-run newspaper The Collegian and the obituaries index from the local newspaper The Centre Daily Times.

Digital Collections: