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Government Information

A guide to finding U.S. federal, Pennsylvania state, and foreign/international government information.


Documents in the News aims to highlight the use of government information in the news and media.  It is not an attempt to be comprehensive, but a place to foster discovery and access to government information and to highlight how that information may be helpful in the research process.

U.S. Government Information: Weekly Roundup [UC San Diego]

Current News

March 1, 2024. “Justice Department Informs City of Lexington and Lexington Police Department That Automatically Jailing People for Unpaid Fines Violates Constitution.” DOJ says Mississippi police unconstitutionally jailed people for unpaid fines. Theo Nguyen. USA today (Online). Database: ProQuest – U.S. Newsstream. U.S. Department of Justice.

March 1, 2024. “118th Congress2D Session H.R. 7454 [PDF]. U.S. Offers New Rules to help Air Travelers in Wheelchairs. Mark Walker. New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast). Database: ProQuest – U.S. Newsstream. GovInfo.