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Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering guide provides links to information on all topics related to chemical engineering in relevant databases, journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, websites, professional societies, etc.

Suggested Subject Headings/Terms to Search in CAT

Biosensing Techniques
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical plants equipment and supplies
Chemical Processes
Molecular Biology
Organic Chemistry

Browse Shelves Using These Call Numbers

Understanding Call Numbers Guide

QC 320, TJ 260                                    Heat and Mass Transfer
QD 1-69                                                Chemistry (General)
QD 71-145                                            Analytical Chemistry
QD 146-196                                           Inorganic Chemistry
QD 380-388                                           Macromolecules
QD415-431.7, QH345, QP501-801    Biochemistry
QD 241-449                                            Organic Chemistry
QD 410-412                                            Organometallic Compounds
QD 450-731                                            Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
QD 501-505, TP 149-157                     Kinetics
QD 911-999                                            Crystallography
QH442                                                   Genetic Engineering
QH506                                                   Molecular Biology
TP 1-1185                                              Chemical Technology
TP 155-159                                            Chemical Engineering
TP 200-248                                            Manufacturing and use of chemicals
TP 316-360                                            Fuels
TP 690-692.4                                         Petroleum refining and products
TP 1080-1185                                         Polymers, plastics, and their manufacture

Finding Books in the CAT

  • Use the Keyword function and combine terms to search on a topic then use the subject headings from relevant books for additional search terms.
  • Write down the call number and location for any book you want. If the item is not at your campus use the "I Want It" button to request it. 
  • For electronic books, click the link under the words "online content" to access the full text

You can also find books via