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Middle East Studies

resources for studying the Middle East from ancient to modern times.

Call Numbers for Middle Eastern Studies

The CAT - Find Books and Other Materials at Penn State.  Identifies specific call numbers and shelf locations.

Subject, Call Number Range and Stack Level

  • Islamic Philosophy, B740-B753, (UP location Pattee Stacks Level BA)
  • Islam (General), BP1-Bp200, (UP location Pattee Stacks Level BA)
  • History, Arab World, DS36-DS248, (UP location Pattee Stacks Level 1)
  • Music, Middle East, ML-3754-3758, (UP location Pattee Stacks Level 1A)
  • Politics, Middle East, JQ 1758-1852, (UP location Paterno 2nd Floor)
  • Architecture, Islamic, NA 380-388, (UP location Pattee Stacks Level 1A)
  • Architecture, Middle East, NA1465-1499, (UP location Pattee Stacks Level 1A)
  • Languages & Literature: Arabic, PJ 6025-8517, (UP location Pattee Stacks Level 2A)

Tips for searching the CAT:

  • There is no common method of translating Arabic words and names into English. When searching an online database use all known variants of the term.  For example: Gaddafi or Qaddafi or Gadafy or Gadaffi or Qadhdhafi, etc...You can also truncate your search.  See HELP in The CAT to learn more about this feature.
  • You can confine your search to materials in a specific language by using the language limiter at the bottom of the keyword search screen.
  • Use the Material Type option at the bottom of the keyword search screen to limit your search to specific kinds of resources. (For example:  Maps, Videos, Audio materials, E-Resources, etc...)
  • Many names and subject headings in the catalog use versions of Arabic words. For example the subject heading for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is "Muna·z·zamat al-Ta·hr¯ir al-Filas·t¯in¯iyah".  To get the broadest results you will want to search both the common English term "Palestine Liberation Organization" as well as the correct Library of Congress Subject heading.  When doing a keyword search in The CAT, omit the diacritics in the heading. For example, for the PLO the words to search for the words: MUNAZZAMAT AL-TAHRIR AL-FILASTINIYAH".

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