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METEO 133N: Ethics of Climate Change

Theresa Black (Penn State Scranton)


For my conversation paper, I used several facts from a chapter in the ebook Surviving the 21st Century to prompt discussion about global warming. This citation was copied from the ebook reading platform as follows:

Cribb J. (2017) The Baker (Homo pistor). In: Surviving the 21st Century. Springer, Cham.

Realizing the citation is not in APA format, I review the University Libraries' APA Quick Citation Guide and follow the book chapter examples to create the correct citation for my reference list as follows (changes in blue):

Cribb, J. (2017). The baker (homo pistor). In Surviving the 21st Century: Humanity's Ten Great Challenges and How We Can Overcome Them (pp. 81-101). Springer International Publishing.

To complete the reference list before handing it in, a hanging indent should be applied to this citation, as well as the others.

Citing Your Sources in APA style

  • Once you have gathered and read your scholarly sources, you need to properly attribute where you received all your information in your reference list.
  • Most databases have a tool that allows you to copy and paste citations for the sources you discover there.  While it is permissible to use these tools for your references, please note that many times they contain errors.  A reference list created with these generated citations should be viewed as a rough draft.
  • Once the rough draft of your reference list has citations from either the database tools, citation machines, or those you are manually constructing, use citation manuals or citation guides to verify the correctness of their format.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that the reference list you are turning in is completely accurate.

Resources for Creating & Verifying Citations

APA Style

Citation Management Tool

RefWorks is a citation management software tool that allows you to easily add, organize, and manage citations for your research assignments.  If you are interested in using RefWorks, follow the directions in the linked guide to create your account and get started.