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METEO 133N: Ethics of Climate Change

Theresa Black (Penn State Scranton)

Climate Plan Example

To write a proposed climate plan for the island country of Malta, I first gather some basic information about the country including information about its endemic species, natural environment, and climate.  This can be found in the country profile information sources, such as the Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations.

a paragraph from the encyclopedia entry about the environment of Malta

Reading that inadequate natural freshwater resources has led to a dependence on desalination in Malta has led me to seek out sources on this issue.  I use LionSearch to see what the University Libraries' has in their collections using the keywords "Malta" and "desalination" leading me to multiple articles and other sources I can use for my project.

sample article from LionSearch titled "Integrated Water Resources Management in the Maltese Islands"

The Republic of Malta

topographic view of the island nation of Malta as seen overhead

Country Profile Information Sources

Searching the University Libraries' Collections

Once you have learned about your country's natural environment and specific issues concerning its climate, you can search all of the collections in the University Libraries' to find more focused information using LionSearch.