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AMST 100: Introduction to American Studies

This guide is for students in Penn State Harrisburg's AMST 100. It includes historical, biographical, contemporary, and popular sources, search tips, and other tools needed to complete several assignments.

Sources for Popular Culture

Did you know that Dr. Ray Broadus Browne, who was Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at Bowling Green State University from 1967-1992, is often credited for making the term “popular culture” an everyday phrase back in 1967?  Browne said that “Popular culture is the voice of democracy, democracy speaking and acting, the seedbed in which democracy grows.  It is the everyday world around us; the mass media, entertainments and diversions.  It is our heroes, icons, rituals, everyday actions, psychology and religion—our total life picture.  It is the way of living we inherit, practice, and modify as we please, and how we do it.  It is the dreams we dream while asleep.” (Bio for Dr. Browne, BGSU)