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Undergraduate Research at Berks

Workshop series to prepare for the HECBC Undergraduate Research & Creativity Conference (or any other conference)

Welcome to the Presenting Your Research Workshop!

In this workshop we will discuss: ​​

  • Preparing for a poster presentation session
  • Presenting a poster
  • Answering questions about your research

Undergraduate Research Award Judging Categories

  1. Research process & strategies
  2. Source selection
  3. Source integration
  4. Citations
  5. Social, ethical, or economic considerations in accessing information

Prepping for a conference // poster presentation

Things to consider BEFORE a conference and/or poster presentation:

  • Transporting and installing your poster
    • Check the weather and prepare accordingly!
    • Determine ahead of time what kind of display space is available and what materials will be provided
    • Is your poster supposed to be mounted?  Hung up?
  • Good items to bring:
    • Business cards
    • Research handout
    • Paper // pen
    • Water
    • Tape
    • Binder clips // sturdy pins

Things to remember DURING a conference and/or poster session:

  • Tell the visitors who you are!
    • Degree program
    • School affiliation (Penn State Berks)
  • Know your research!
  • Anticipate questions and have prepared responses
  • Manage visitors
  • Know your audience
    • Faculty vs. students, experts in your field vs. novices
  • Make connections