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Undergraduate Research Workshop Series at Berks

Workshop series to prepare for the HECBC Undergraduate Research & Creativity Conference (or any other conference)

University Libraries' Undergraduate Research Award

How the award works at Berks:

  • Award up to $500
  • Eligible entries include HECBC Undergraduate Research & Creativity Conference and other external conference submissions by Penn State Berks students
  • To enter for consideration, fill out the following form by March 26th:
  • Judges assess your poster / paper and follow up with any clarifications or questions by April 17th
    • For more information on what judges are assessing, check out the judging rubric linked below
  • Awards will be determined the day of the HECBC conference (April 17th)


Berks Undergraduate Research Workshop Series

Join us for our scheduled workshops!  Contact one of the Berks Research Coaches with any questions!

Undergraduate Research Workshop Series 2021

Presenting Research

Monday, April 5th

12:15-1:15pm via Zoom -

Poster presentations are a great way to get started with sharing your research. But how do you share complex research in a short amount of time? Get ready for the HECBC Undergraduate Research & Creativity Conference (& other conferences!) with the Thun librarians and CAS 100 coordinator, Prof. Dawn Reitz. At this workshop, we will talk about what to expect at a research poster exhibition, including what to bring, what to say, and how to leverage your research poster into new opportunities. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to improve how they present and discuss their research with an audience. Participants will leave with an elevator pitch to share their research quickly and effectively with anyone they meet.