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Undergraduate Research at Berks

Workshop series to prepare for the HECBC Undergraduate Research & Creativity Conference (or any other conference)

Welcome to the Designing & Creating Effective Research Posters Workshop!

In this workshop we will discuss:

  • Elements of an effective poster
  • How to design your poster
  • Fair-use/creative commons images
  • Using citations on your poster

Explore past award winning posters

Design Tools and Poster Layout


Layout Software

Graphic Creation

Design Tools 


Locating Images

Consider the resources below for images. Make sure to attribute all images you use. 

Stock Photos

Media Guides

Poster Design: Font Best Practices

Font Selection

  • Use only 2-3 fonts
  • Select easy to read fonts
  • Vary serif and sans serif fonts

​Font Sizes

  • Title - 100+ point font
  • Headings - 32+ point font
  • Subheadings/author - 20+ point font
  • Body text - 16-18 point font
  • References 12-16 point font

University Branding: Use of Penn State Marks


Additional Guides

Penn State Guides

General Guides