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INFSY 540: Information Technology and Knowledge Management (Harrisburg)

Resources for students in INFSYS 540 at Harrisburg Campus

APA Citation Resources

RESEARCHER BEWARE: Pre-formatted citations from databases and other sources may not always be accurate. It is important to double check them before submitting your work. 

Use these guides to help you format your citations and your papers appropriately:


Citing Business Reports


These examples are for citing company information, industry information, or results from the "Build a List" feature.

Citing information on an individual company:

Hoover's Inc. (2015). Chipotle Mexican Grill Incorporated. Retrieved January 28, 2015 from Hoover's database.

Citing information on an industry:

Hoover's Inc. (2015). Fast-Food & Quick-Service Restaurants. Retrieved January 28, 2015 from Hoover's database.

If you generate a list using Hoover’s “Build a List” feature, cite it using your own descriptive name for the list you created. Example:

Hoover's Inc. (2015). Reading, PA, restaurants in the 19601 zipcode. Retrieved January 28, 2015 from Hoover's database.


Cite an IBISWorld report as in the following example. APA says to include a report number, if given, in parentheses after the title. Example:

Brennan, A. (2014). Single location full-service restaurants in the US (Industry Report 72211b). Retrieved January 28, 2015, from IBISWorld database.

Mintel Reports: 

Wall, B. (2014). Full service restaurants – US. Retrieved January 28, 2015, from Mintel Academic database.

Notice that unlike IBISWorld, Mintel does not provide report numbers.

Brennan, A. (2014). Single location full-service restaurants in the US (Industry Report 72211b). Retrieved January 28, 2015, from IBISWorld database.

Gartner Reports: 

Klappich, C. D., & Eschinger, C. (2010).  Oracle OpenWorld  2010: Oracle supply chain management on the move  (ID: G00208462). Retrieved January 28, 2015, from Gartner database.

Understanding Citations

Key to formatting a citation correctly or locating an item you see referenced in a bibliography is recognizing the type of material you are working with. Is it a journal article? A book? A chapter in a book?

The following links will help you understand the parts of a citation. Additionally, if you are reviewing a bibliography, knowing how to tell the type of source from its formatting will help you locate the item using the appropriate library resource. 

Citation Managers

A citation manager is a software that will assist you in creating and managing citations for the articles you use in your research. Some of the software will also store the articles you find.

You may want to consider using a citation manager as you conduct your research to save the resources you find and quickly access and cite them as you write your assignments. 

View the various guides for each manager from the links below.