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Information Systems at Harrisburg

Resources for students in INFSYS 540 at Harrisburg Campus


This guide is designed to assist students in the MSIS and MBA programs at Penn State Harrisburg who are talking Information Systems (INFSY) classes, including INFSY 540: Knowledge Management, INFSY 572: Strategic Information Systems, INFSY 554: Master's Project, and INFSY 595: Internship. 

In each of these courses, you will conduct original research that involves creating literature reviews and examining current data in the field. Use each page of this guide to locate the best resources for conducting your research. On the course number pages, you will find information specific to the assignments in those courses. 

Please feel free to reach out to me for help as you work. I am here to help support your research, and I am happy to meet with you in person, via Zoom, on the phone, or to answer quick questions via email.