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Diversity in STEM

Links to databases and resources for diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Resources related to race, ethnicity, geography, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability, and other differences.

Search Tips and Strategies

Below are a few strategies and tips that you can use to effectively search for diverse STEM resources:

  • Use multiple keywords: Combine terms and keywords with AND to ensure all terms appear in your search results. For example: [ transgender AND scientist ]. Combine your keywords with OR to ensure at least one of the terms appear in your search results. This is a good way to search for different words with the same (or similar) meanings. For example: [ Latino OR Hispanic ].
  • Use quotation marks: To ensure that your words appear together in a specific order/grouping, use quotation marks. For example: [ "African American women computer scientists" ].
  • Remove words: Use NOT to exclude words that you do not want in your results. For example, to find books on indigenous science and avoid getting results for fiction books, use: [ "indigenous science" NOT fiction ].

If you experience difficulty while searching and are looking for more assistance, contact Andrea Pritt, STEM Librarian, at Librarians are here to help!

Finding Articles with Related Subject Guides

To find scholarly resources that relate to a specific STEM discipline, please review the corresponding library subject guide linked below. Use the search strategies and tips above to discover diversity-related academic resources. These are not the only STEM and diversity subject guides, but these are a good start to your research. If you are interested in reviewing more subject guides, you can browse all at this link.