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Instruction Community of Practice Workshop Spring 2021

Why Spy? Surveillance, Students, & Libraries

Welcome to Privacy and the Dx Workshop!

The Privacy and Dx [Digital Transformation] Workshop takes a deep dive into library and educational technology in order to develop best practices for learner data use in the library.

In this workshop, we will

  • Recognize how Digital Transformation (Dx) is impacting intellectual privacy and its role in teaching, learning, and inquiry
  • Critically examine ed tech privacy terms of service in light of the control paradox
  • Consider positive-sum privacy approaches that empower teaching and research while preserving intellectual privacy
  • Develop best practices for data use in higher education

  This workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Sarah Hartman-Caverly & Alexandria Chisholm.

References for the Privacy and Dx workshop.

Reflection Questions

Reflect & anonymously share your thoughts to the following questions:

  • What tools or methods do you KNOW of to monitor student work?  What tools or methods do you USE to monitor student work, participation, or engagement?
  • How do you utilize the info / data that you collect on students?  What value add does this provide to your library work or teaching practice?
  • How has the pandemic influenced your practices / philosophy?
  • How do you teach / inform students about these surveillance tools?  Are you transparent about your use of methods or tools?

**Click the plus (+) sign below each column to create your responses**

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Break-out Activity

Examine front-end workplace and student monitoring tools. Apply integrated privacy perspectives, considerations, and principles to critically examine ed tech terms of service.

University Libraries Policy UL-AD08: Confidentiality and Privacy of Patron Library Records

Develop best practices for data use in higher education, such as student-facing disclosures, opt-in/-out mechanisms, privacy-friendly alternate assignments / learning experiences, syllabus statements, and customizing ed tech settings.

Be prepared to report back a takeaway on best practices for learner data use in academic libraries from your group!