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Instruction Community of Practice Workshop Spring 2021

Why Spy? Surveillance, Students, & Libraries

Welcome to the Intellectual Privacy Workshop!

The Intellectual Privacy Workshop critically considers the implications of personal data collection for learning and scholarly inquiry.

In this workshop, we will

  • Examine evidence of the impact of monitoring on free inquiry and expression in order to understand the chilling effect
  • Explore the theoretical underpinnings of surveillance, privacy, inquiry, and expression
  • Recognize disciplinary or professional perspectives on privacy in education
  • Discuss considerations and principles for data use in higher education, including the requirements and limits of FERPA

  This workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Sarah Hartman-Caverly & Alexandria Chisholm.

References for the Intellectual Privacy Workshop.

Opening Reflection

Warm up for our Intellectual Privacy Workshop by anonymously sharing your thoughts to the reflection question below. 

Double click anywhere or use the pink + symbol in the bottom right to open a new box.

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Moderated Discussion Groups

Click on the Social Cooling link below and explore the tutorial content. This, along with the recommended readings, will be the basis of our online discussion.

Discussion topic & prompts:

  • Describe the positive case for intellectual privacy as a necessary condition for learning and scholarly inquiry.  How might the chilling effect / social cooling impact student, faculty, or staff behaviors?
  • Discuss the case studies that each of you explored in the Privacy Workshop. What is the potential impact(s) of these practices on students and higher education?
  • Use the case studies to develop a list of considerations and general principles for data use in higher education. Consider the data lifecycle: planning, disclosure, collection, storage, aggregation/deidentification, analysis, use, sharing/breach response, and secure deletion. **TIP: Use the ALA's Library Privacy Guidelines and Privacy: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights as guidance**


  • Asynchronous: Sarah and Paul
  • Tuesday 2 pm: Sara and Alex H.
  • Wednesday 10 am: Emily and Russ
  • Wednesday 2 pm: Alex C. and Elizabeth
  • Thursday 10 am: Andrea and Kristi

Discussion groups will be moderated in MS Teams. Be prepared to share in our live Privacy and the Dx Workshop!

Closing Reflection

After completing all the activities, anonymously share your thoughts to the below reflection question.

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