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Poster Creation and Presentation

Learn the basics for creating a research poster and preparing to present your research.


Research posters are a visual representation of your paper or project. They typically include both small blocks of text and images (photos, charts, graphs, etc.). A poster will quickly educate the viewers it attracts about your work, as well as serve as a visual aid when you present your work to your viewers ("As you see in this graph... ").

Creating and presenting a poster allow you to showcase how your research fits within your discipline and the scholarly conversation happening with your topic. Not only do you get to present your work, but also discuss the ways you are adding to, critiquing, responding to, or filling a gap in your field of study. A poster can be a great starting spot where you can check in with other people, get feedback on your work, and begin to think of your next steps (publishing an article, presenting at a conference, or more!).

Image on flickrCAFNR; Photo by Kyle Spradleyc2014 - Curators of the University of Missouri - licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Design Tools and Poster Layout

Layout Software

Graphic Creation