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CRIMJ 420: Criminal Law and Procedure

Interdisciplinary search tools

Both LionSearch and Google scholar allow you to search across a wide range of disciplines. Legal topics may be broad or you may be looking for different kinds of resources that covered your case. LionSearch or Google Scholar can be good starting points for seeing the larger picture. LionSearch allows you to refine you search in ways not possible in Google Scholar, and it will connect you to Penn State full text resources in many formats. Google Scholar can connect you to full text journal articles available through the University Libraries by adding Penn State University under Settings > Library Links on the Google Scholar page.

These sources will help you locate both books and journal articles. LionSearch will also recomend subject databases to allow you to explore your subject in more depth.

LionSearch Basics

For full text items, click the "full text online" link to go to the full text of the article.

  • If you see the Penn State "Get It" menu and you need to click the word "article" to get to the full text. 
  • If there is no "article" link, click the word "journal" to get to the journal page and look for the correct year, volume, issue and pages for the article you need.
Tip: Save the relevant sources into the LionSearch temporary folder by clicking on the small folder icon to right side of the item.  When you are finished compiling your sources, click on the folder icon at the top of the screen and email or print (which allows you to copy into your clipboard) the references so you can easily add them to your project. 
Don’t lose your work!  Unless you sign up for Refworks, items are saved in LionSearch ONLY for your current session.  You won’t be able to go back later and see a list of saved items.

Google Scholar