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Global Development Issues

a guide to resources for research into global development issues.

Key Article Databases

Key Journals

Browse your library's stacks

The Library of Congress call number for the subject heading Communities is HT.

It may be worth your while to browse the library stacks in this call number range. The categories below generally describe how the collection is organized:

  • HT 1-100: Human settlements, Communities

  • HT 101-400: Urban groups, The city, Urban sociology

    • HT 101-120: General
    • HT 121-149: By region or country
    • HT 150-165.4: General
    • HT 165.5-169: City planning
    • HT 170-200: Urban renewal
    • HT 201-240: Urban population
    • HT 241-250: Urban ecology
    • HT 251-280: Mental and moral life
    • HT 281-320: Recreation, Amusements
    • HT321-329: Urban economics
    • HT330-360: Metropolitan and suburban areas
    • HT361-387: Urbanization: City and country
    • HT388-400: Regional planning


  • HT 401-485: Rural groups, Rural sociology