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SOC 119: Race and Ethnic Relations (PEPP Service-Learning Program)

Welcome to the library guide for Dr. Guadalupe Kaspar's PEPP SOC 110 class!!


a man looking at a list of materials on a wall.  meant ot symbolize topic selection.


Here are some possible topics copied from the research assignment.  You may select a topic outside of the given selection as long as it is approved first by the instructor:




  1. Higher Education experiences of minority, first-generation college students. You may interview current college students.
  2. How is affirmative action utilized in the college admissions process? You may interview admissions counselors
  3. Are Latinos steered into careers that may require Spanish/English bilingual skill?
  4. What happens to students of color who are accepted into Ivy League Institutions?
  5. How can education be used as a criterion to measure level of immigrant assimilation?
  6. Muslim women and their high levels of education. You may interview faculty or consult with a local expert.
  7. Factors contributing to the academic excellence of American Jewish and Asian Students?
  8. How are support services developed to serve students of color on predominantly white college campuses? You may consult with Academic Services.
  9. Why are the STEM fields pumping so much funding into recruiting more minorities and females? You may consult with STEM field experts
  10. What is the role of high school counselors in helping minority students achieve college entrance? You may interview high school counselors
  11. How is poverty a factor in determining whether or not students of color can achieve a college education?
  12. What is the role of after-school programs in assisting minority students in high-poverty, urban school districts?
  13. The need for multicultural teacher education in the 21st century.

A Fun Brainstorming Activity...

Grab some paper and a pencil--watch this video to narrow down a topic idea and plan your research.  However, please be sure to get approval from Dr. Kaspar before finalizing a topic.