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Art Education

theory and practice of teaching with and about art

Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources (OER) are primarily intended to support teachers or independent learning by providing course materials (textbooks, syllabi, course modules, videos, image sets, exercises, etc.) that may be used by anyone without fees.  The sites listed here each collect OER from multiple sources.

Innumerable websites provide teaching materials, including pages posted by major art museums and other arts organizations.  These typically target K through 12 teaching, but often include modules appropriate for use in higher education.  An organization called EdTechTeacher, chooses outstanding examples and describes them in their Best of History Websites.  There, world history is divided by periods, places, and themes, including an ample section on Art History, which is also subdivided by eras and geography.

More open access resources are marked by the orange padlock icon on other pages of this guide.

Open Educational Resources K Through 12

Many sites provide resources for teachers (lesson plans, tips, assignments, etc.)  Here are a few examples, focusing on art, that seem to be popular: