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Art Education

theory and practice of teaching with and about art


When beginning to explore a topic, it can be tremendously helpful to read a brief summary of the topic, written by an expert, who also selects and discusses the most important publications on the subject. This not only improves your selections of what to read, but also your understanding of "the big picture" and which part of it you might want to explore. Literature reviews might be found in scholarly encyclopedia entries, sometimes in handbooks, or published separately as articles in journals.

Encyclopedias for Art Education and Related Topics

In specialized academic encyclopedias, experts are asked to write a summary of a topic and to recommend the key readings.  So they are a great start on a new topic or a way of understanding the context when part of your topic takes you into another discipline.

Handbooks for Art Education and Related Topics

The editors of handbooks identify important topics in current research and select authors for literature reviews of the current state of research on each topic.   These are some good examples:

Articles as Literature Reviews

Other articles published in journals and as book chapters might employ a rigorous review of existing literature.  The databases below categorize articles by the research methods they employ.  Searching your topic using the advanced search screen, and limiting the results by these special categories is a good way to find overviews.

In the ERIC (ProQuest) database, add one or more of these terms to your search as “SUBJECT” or “ERIC SUBJECT”:

                              Literature Reviews

                              Meta Analysis


In the PsycInfo database, add one or more of these terms to your search as “SUBJECT” or “MAINSUBJECT”:

                              Literature Review


                              Systematic Review