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Art Education

theory and practice of teaching with and about art

Short Bios on an Artist or Designer – Top Pick

Search Engines

Of course you can often find short bios by entering an artist’s name in a search engine and these can work fine if you examine them carefully. In general, the biographies posted by major museums, art galleries, and artists themselves, are of a higher quality than those provided by the many commercial sites such as Artcyclopedia, AskArt, Artnet, etc.  Accuracy varies.  Web bios for historic figures are frequently copied from public domain (pre-1923) sources. Wikipedia entries also vary, so check the “Talk” tab where the quality of the article may be discussed.

Less Well-Known Artists

Special Types of Art People

Curators, Educators, Gallerists, Critics, etc.

The most recent volumes of these are not covered in indexes and must be checked separately:

Art Writers: