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PL SC 455 (WC): Western European Politics

Resources for the World Campus Western European Politics Course

Your Assignment

Please complete all steps of the assignment below and submit them in Canvas by the date listed on your syllabus. 

Detailed steps are included on this page with videos and in a downloadable document for your convenience. 

The purpose of this assignment is to see if you can use a survey article from an encyclopedia or handbook and follow up on some of the information it provides. 

Read the article cited below and utilize it as a foundation for answering each question in this assignment. 

Goodman, Sara Wallace. 2015. “Immigration Policy-Making in Europe.” In Routledge Handbook of European Politics, ed. Jose M Magone. New York, NY: Routledge. essay, 809–825.

The article is on course reserve and additional resources are available on this guide to assist you in completing this assignment. 

Part One: Finding and Citing Information

1. View the bibliography for Goodman (2015) and select one of the journal articles cited in the bibliography.

     a. Using the Citing your Sources page, cite this new article you selected using proper APSA format (2 points).

     b. Search for the article using LionSearch. Consult the LionSearch page for help, and consult the video below:




                   a. Does Penn State have access to the journal your article is published in? (1 point)

     b. Is the access in print or online? (1 point)

3. Formulate some keywords based on the assigned article and the additional article you selected from the bibliography. Use your keywords in LionSearch to locate one additional source (another journal article, a book, or a book chapter) on this topic.

                a. Cite this source using proper APSA format (2 points).

                b. List your keywords and briefly describe the steps you used to search for this source (4 points).

Part Two: Locating and Evaluating Data

  1. (30 points). Look at Table 44.1 in the article (p. 811).  It cites information from the OECD on foreign born populations for selected countries. Locate the data for France. Use this table to answer questions 1 and 2. 

    1. What year is the data in the table from?
    2. What countries are listed for France?

View this more recent table for France from OECD iLbrary. Use this table to answer questions 3 and 4:

3. What are the top three countries for the most recent year available?

4. How has the pattern changed?

  1. (30 points). Look at Table 44.4. (p. 819). Data from this table is from a European Union database called Global Citizenship Observatory. Access the report for Iceland here:

From the menu bar, select “Country Profiles”; Select Iceland from the dropdown menu above the map. Open the Report on Naturalisation Procedures from the Country Reports PDF tab.

For Iceland:

  1. What is the citizenship application fee?
  2. Is a language test required?


  1. (30 Points). The article mentions the MIPEX database (p. 820).  Visit this database and explore your country.
    1. What does MIPEX stand for?
    2. List 3 indicators that are used in ranking the countries.
    3. Search for the rankings of Finland and Greece. Compare and contrast the rankings of these countries.