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PL SC 455 (WC): Western European Politics

Resources for the World Campus Western European Politics Course

Looking for an eJournal?

The Libraries purchases most of its journals in electronic format.  The box below allows you to identify what database has a journal you need and what years are covered.  This identifies the journal titles only.  Use Lionsearch or a subject database to search for articles within a journal.

Finding an e-journal Tutorial

Search for a e-Journal title

Use the second drop down menu and choose Law, Politics, and Government.  You will see a subdivided list of subjects to choose from. Including listings for non-US government.

Search Penn State eJournals

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Key e-journals for this class

Below are a handful of key journals on European politics.   It is not intended to be a comprehensive list.  Rather, use this to browse tables of contents to get a sense of where the scholarship in Western European politics is heading.  If you find one journals that seems to have a considerable body of work on your topic, you can search within that journal for additional articles.

To locate any of these journals, copy and paste the title in the search box above.

  • European Journal of Political Research (Especially their annual Political Data Yearbook, which gives very nices summaries of the political events each year.
  • European Politics and Society
  • European Union Politics
  • Italian Politics
  • Political Studies
  • Scandinavian Political Studies
  • West European Politics