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BI SC 003: Environmental Science Library Help Page

Welcome to the library help page for Dr. Mahsa Kazempour's BI SC 003 Environmental Science course!

Credible Web Sites

globe showing countries in gold and water in blue, hovering over a gas burner 





Universities and government agencies create many credible web sites, but always evaluate the site to be sure. 

How do I know if a web site is credible enough to use in my paper?

  • Who is supplying the information?
  • Is it an educational institution (.edu extension)? A government agency (.gov)? A commercial supplier (.com)? A non-profit organization (.org)?
  • Is the supplier a reputable organization? (look for an “About Us” link on the homepage)
  • Is there an author or contact person named? What are the author's credentials?
  • Has this site been reviewed by experts or professional organizations?