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BI SC 003: Environmental Science Library Help Page

Welcome to the library help page for Dr. Mahsa Kazempour's BI SC 003 Environmental Science course!


Welcome!  This guide offers news, scholarly databases, books, tips, and tutorials for BI SC 003 Environmental Science at Penn State Berks.

Your EACAP project involves doing an environmental awareness research report.  The report will involve research about:

1) the organization you work with (their history, mission, area of focus, etc.)

2) an environmental/ecological issue of your choice  (preferably directly or indirectly related to your action project or the work that the organization is involved with) focusing on what the issue, causes, consequences, possible solutions, etc.

Your research should include 5 sources.  You must use several different kinds of sources.  You can use books, encyclopedias, current journals/periodicals, the Internet, interviews, newspapers, TV and other media, conversations with and resources made available from your partner organization, etc. Be certain to evaluate the credibility of online sources.

You must include a bibliography (MLA or APA format) where you list all the sources used in preparing the report.

Keep in mind that the information included in your report will be used in your various presentations (in class & community) and on the webpage.

Please feel free to swing by the library and talk with one of our Research Coaches whenever you need help!  You can also get help through the Ask A Librarian boxes on the left side of each page.

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