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BI SC 003: Environmental Science--Library Guide

Welcome to the library help page for Dr. Mahsa Kazempour's BI SC 003 Environmental Science course! The goal of this page is to equip your group with the information you need to make a difference locally.


a display in Thun Library, green paper balls hanging from ceiling, student-created brochures in interior windowsPlease choose from the options below to start the research for your Environmental Awareness & Community Action Project (EACAP) Environmental Research Report.

Pictured at right is the Thun Library's 2022 EACAP display (created by Barb Lessig).  

Find out how past EACAP students have used the library as a meeting spot and staging area.


📗Tips from Dr. Kazempour on Completing the Environmental Research Report:

  • Find a variety of sources (at least 5 different sources) such as books/encyclopedias, films, magazines, current journals/periodicals, the Internet, interviews, newspapers, TV and other media, conversations with and resources made available from your partner organization. 
  • Please evaluate the credibility of online sources.
  • Include a bibliography (MLA or APA format) of your sources.
  • ​Keep in mind that the information included in your report will be used in multiple ways, including in your presentations (in class & community) and on the webpage.

Image by BruceEmmerling from Pixabay.