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The Architecture subject guide provides some basic tips on how to find books, articles and images related to architecture.

Starting Places

Tips for using LionSearch:

  • try multiple search terms with the Advanced Search option
  • refine your search using the options on the left side of the results page to limit by...
    • Discipline: architecture, engineering, geography, etc.
    • Full Text Online
    • etc.
  • see a brief video showing how to find information on designers

Open Access Image Databases 

Literature Review

When beginning to explore a topic, it can be tremendously helpful to read a brief summary of the topic, written by an expert, who also selects and discusses the most important publications on the subject. This not only improves your selections of what to read, but also your understanding of "the big picture" and which part of it you might want to explore. Literature reviews might be found in scholarly encyclopedia entries, sometimes in handbooks, or published separately as articles in journals.


In Encyclopedias 


As Articles in Journals

In any database, you can use keywords to search for articles that are primarily literature reviews by searching keywords in titles and abstracts such as: 

"literature review"

"review of the literature"

"systematic review"


But, of course, just using "review*" would get too many book reviews and film reviews, etc.


Literature reviews for building sciences can be especially helpful ways of navigating the many highly technical and focused studies published. To locate articles that are primarily literature reviews, some of the specialized indexes for engineering use standard terms (such as "bibliography" or "literature.") But it is important to search these using the advanced search features provided. An important source is

To search literature reviews, begin by selecting "Expert" on the "Search" drop-down menu. Then select "Treatment" which will display a list of some different methodological types of publications. From that list select both "Bibliography" and "Literature." Then close the Treatment window and click the search icon. You will get a result list of hundreds of thousands of literature reviews. "Refine" this list (on the left) by entering search terms specific to your topic and clicking "Limit."

Other Architecture Databases