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Criminal Justice & Sociology (Penn State Berks)

Welcome to the library guide for criminal justice and sociology students at Penn State Berks!

Graduate Schools for Criminal Justice

Applying to Graduate School

Organizing your prospective schools is crucial when planning your applications and time. Here is a spreadsheet to help with your organization! 


Here are more resources for starting your graduate school planning!

Master's vs. PhD vs. PsyD.

After undergrad, there's a lot of different paths you can take to further your education. There are very big differences between these paths, but what are they?

A master's degree is done after a bachelor's degree. These types of programs are typically done in 1-3 years with completing a theses project. 

A PhD is commonly done after a master's degree (can be done after a bachelor's degree). This type of degree can take 5-7 years to complete. This degree is research-intensive with a dissertation/thesis requirement.

A PsyD is very similar to a PhD. The main difference is that a PsyD is less research-intensive. PsyDs focus on clinical work and practice. 

GRE Study Material

General Information on the GRE 

Study Materials

Websites/Apps for Practice

Study Plan Samples

Career Paths

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Law Enforcement


Criminal Justice Job Hunting Tips