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Criminal Justice & Sociology (Penn State Berks)

Welcome to the library guide for criminal justice and sociology students at Penn State Berks!

APA Format Examples

For an example of a paper in APA style, please see this example from the APA style blog.

Here are some examples of APA References:


Scholarly Journal Article

Stringer, E. C., & Murphy, J. (2020). Major decisions and career attractiveness among criminal justice students. Journal of Criminal Justice Education31(4), 523-541.  doi: 10.1177/1557085113504450


Russell, B.  (2010). Battered woman syndrome as a legal defense: History, effectiveness and implications. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

Conference Paper

Murphy, J. (2014).  “Students as educational mentors in a local prison.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association, Portland, OR.

Government Publications

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.  (2021, Nov. 2).  Intimate partner violence: Prevention strategies.


Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974, 42 USC §§5101-5106.

Court Case

Blystone v. Pennsylvania, 494 U.S. (1990).

Web Site

To cite an entire web site, you can give the web address in only the text:

NDCI offers reports, statistics, and books about the nation's drug courts (

To cite a specific page:

Meyer, W.G. (2015).  Constitutional and other legal issues in drug court.  In National Drug Court Institute. Retrieved July 23, 2015, from


For more examples hop over to the Penn State Libraries APA 7th Guide at


APA Manual




You can find the complete APA Publication Manual at the Circulation Desk in Thun Library.