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Psychology (Penn State Berks)

Welcome to the virtual library for students in psychology courses at Penn State Berks.

Topic Brainstorming Tips Infographic

a flowchart with tips on brainstorming topics, the attached handout provides a transcript

Finding the Best Keywords for a Search

After you brainstorm a topic, you'll want to select 2-5 keywords describing your topic.  Keywords are the words that you type into the search box in a library database.  They are the essential terms for your idea, the most important words describing your topic.  Choosing the right keywords can save hours of searching time!

A Great Way to Identify Keywords: Encyclopedias

Finding a scholarly encyclopedia essay can help you jumpstart your research project in three ways:

1.  Gives you background information that helps you understand the topic.

2.  Offers lists of references at the ends of the essays that you can mine for scholarly sources.

3. Suggests keywords that you can use in your PsycInfo searches.

Psychology Encyclopedias:

Collections of Encyclopedias: