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A guide for locating nursing information resources for nursing education, practice and research.

Information about Nursing Library Instruction Course

The Nursing Library Instruction course was created to assist undergraduate and graduate nursing students in identifying library resources and conducting research. The course contains 6 learning modules with customized lessons. The outline below showcases the lessons in each module. Every module comes with a “check your understanding” quiz and a certificate of completion that can be printed or downloaded. The quizzes allow students to measure what they have learned and repeat lessons if necessary.

This course was created by the Penn State University Libraries Nursing Taskforce and will expand to fit the needs of the College of Nursing. We are pleased to announce a brand new module, created with feedback from nursing faculty, entitled “Evidence-Based Nursing- Acquiring the Best Evidence”.

If you have questions or suggestions related to the Nursing Library Instruction Course, please contact your librarian. To join the Nursing Library Instruction Course use the link below.

Spring 2017 (in Canvas)

Go to the URL:

You will need to login with your access account to participate in the Check Your Understanding assessments.  You will receive certificates of completion via email if you pass with 80% mastery

Outline of Course Modules and Lessons

  • Module 1: Getting Ready for Research
    • Lesson 1 –  Library Resources vs. the Internet
    • Lesson 2 – Evaluating Web Resources
    • Lesson 3 – How to find the Penn State University Libraries website
    • Lesson 4 –  Tips for Navigating the University Libraries Homepage
  • Module 2: Basic Research Skills
    • Lesson 1 – Locating and Defining a Database
    • Lesson 2 – Database Searching Overview
  • Module 3: Identifying a Scholarly Source
  • Module 4: Writing Tips
  • Module 5: Dissemination of Research
    • Lesson 1 – Tips for Developing Poster Presentations
    • Lesson 2 – Copyright & Fair Use
    • Lesson 3 – Author Rights and Publishing & Finding Author Instructions for Publishing in Scholarly Journals
    • Lesson 4 – Open Access Publishing
    • Lesson 5 – Data Management
  • Module 6: Evidence-Based Nursing- Acquiring the Best Evidence