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CED 109N: Gentrification in Everyday Life

Resources for CED 109N/297 StoryMap Project

Locate Class Field Exercise Webmap

Open the CED 109n Field Map Exercise WebMap. It is shared to the class group.

Field Maps App for Mobile Device

Install the ArcGIS Field Maps application on your mobile device. Click Sign In with ArcGIS Online. In the Your ArcGIS Organization's URL, enter: pennstate. Login with your Penn State credentials.

Download Field Maps app screen

FieldMaps Signin

















ArcGIS Online FieldMaps Sign InField Maps signin

Locate the Class Field Map. Start by typing CED 109n. Click the map.

Selection of Field Maps

Click the blue plus button in the corner bottom to a point. 

Field Collection options

Type attribute information. 

Field maps attribute fields

Click the picture icon to add a photo. When complete. Click Submit.

Adding an image in field maps

Field Maps for Web Browser

Login to ArcGIS Online, Locate the CED 109n Field Map Exercise Webmap. 

Click open in Map Viewer. 

On the right side, click the edit button. 

location of edit button on Map viewer

Click new feature. 

location of New Feature option

Click on the map to choose the location. 

location of Create Features option

Enter the landmark name and the description.

Under attachments, click add and locate on your computer the desired picture.  Click Add.

Click Create at the bottom of panel.

location of Adding attachment option

The point will be added to the map. Close webmap.